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  1. Are You Tired of Looking for New Leads?

  • Solution: We provide a consistent stream of high-quality leads on a daily basis and on average, agents on the team receive 20-30 leads per month. That is approximately 240 leads on the low end per year!  With access to these high-value leads, you can focus your efforts on building relationships, closing deals, and growing your business.

2. Are You Tired of Being Your Own Admin and Bogged Down with Paperwork, Timelines and Chasing Everyone?

  • Solution: Our team offers a comprehensive Solution Squad, including but not limited to administrative,  transaction management, and marketing support. Say goodbye to overwhelming paperwork and non money-making tasks. This squad becomes your team to allow you to concentrate on revenue-generating activities and client interactions.

3. Are You Tired of Spending Money on Shiny Objects & Things That Don't Work?

  • Solution: Get the benefit of the team having spent tens of thousands of dollars ($$$) testing over more than 10+ years.  The team has tested and locked in define proven strategies for lead generation, deal tracking, and getting you to closing table 95% of the time!  No more trial and error with marketing spends that get you no return and a lowered bank balance.  Join us and FAST TRACK your success using the team’s strategies that maximize your exposure and deliver results quickly, saving you both time and money. 


4. Are You Tired of Being a Lone Ranger & Not Able to Win the Toughest Deals?

  • Solution: It can be very lonely out there working in the field with buyers and sellers.  Come in from the cold and join this crazy fun bunch who will have your back through thick and thin. We are a collaborative team environment and you’ll have an instant collection of great professionals to grow with, learn from, impart your knowledge and just be a part of an incredibly supportive group who share insights, strategies, disappointments, and successes. Collaboration amplifies your capabilities and opens doors to new opportunities that you may not have every discovered or been able to WIN on your own.  Don’t let another deal slip through your hands that the right team couldn’t help you land!

5. Are You Tired of Being Tired? Get More Time Back with a Team

  • Solution: With the support of Leisa Erickson Group, you can reclaim your time and energy. Delegate tasks, share responsibilities, and enjoy a healthier work-life balance while still achieving your very personal goals for your business.


If any of this resonates with you, then let’s talk.  Leisa Erickson Group at Engel & Völkers can offer you a world of possibilities to the most difficult challenges in the competitive real estate market here in Tampa Bay. By becoming part of this dynamic team, you can transform your career and enjoy a more efficient, productive, and rewarding real estate journey.


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leisa erickson

I'm a real estate broker and real estate educator. Our team does over 100+ transactions annually and I am super passionate about creating bespoke client experiences.

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8 ways joining our team will elevate your career

Embarking on a successful real estate career requires more than just expertise; it demands the right support, resources, and opportunities. The Leisa Erickson Group at Engel & Völkers St. Pete offers an exceptional platform for real estate professionals to thrive and excel. With a track record of accomplishments and an array of benefits, joining this dynamic team could be the defining step in your career. Here's why:

1. Outstanding Achievement: #8 Team in EV Americas

  • One of the most remarkable facets of the Leisa Erickson Group is its astonishing ranking as the #8 team in Engel & Völkers Americas. This remarkable accomplishment reflects the team's exceptional dedication, expertise, and proven success in the real estate industry. By joining this esteemed group, you align yourself with a legacy of excellence that sets the bar high.

2. Abundance of High-Quality Leads

  • At the heart of a successful real estate career lies a consistent flow of high-quality leads. The Leisa Erickson Group ensures just that, providing its members with new leads on a daily basis. This consistent stream of leads allows you to focus on what you do best—building relationships, closing deals, and growing your business.

3. Mentorship and Professional Development

  • Joining a renowned team means access to mentorship and professional development opportunities. The Leisa Erickson Group offers guidance from seasoned experts who have navigated the complexities of the real estate industry. Learn from their experiences, gain insights, and refine your skills to reach your full potential.

4. Collaborative Team Environment

  • Real estate is a collaborative endeavor, and being part of the Leisa Erickson Group means being part of a supportive and collaborative team environment. Share insights, exchange strategies, and work together towards collective success. A strong team dynamic enhances your capabilities and fosters growth.

5. Cutting-Edge Marketing Strategies

  • Marketing is a cornerstone of success in real estate. The Leisa Erickson Group employs cutting-edge marketing strategies to ensure your listings receive maximum exposure. From online platforms to traditional methods, benefit from a comprehensive marketing approach that amplifies your reach.

6. Exclusive Network and Resources

  • Being part of the Leisa Erickson Group provides access to an exclusive network of professionals and resources within Engel & Völkers St. Pete. Tap into a wealth of knowledge, collaborate with industry leaders, and leverage resources that give you a competitive edge.

7. Brand Power and Recognition

  • The Engel & Völkers brand is synonymous with prestige and excellence in the real estate industry. Joining the Leisa Erickson Group means aligning yourself with this respected brand, enhancing your credibility, and gaining instant recognition among clients and peers.

8. Personalized Support and Training

  • Each member of the Leisa Erickson Group receives personalized support and training tailored to their unique goals. Benefit from one-on-one guidance, educational opportunities, and resources that empower you to navigate challenges and seize opportunities.

In the ever-evolving world of real estate, the Leisa Erickson Group with Engel & Völkers St. Pete stands out as a beacon of success. From its impressive ranking in EV Americas to its commitment to providing new leads daily, this group offers a pathway to exceptional achievements in the industry. Join the Leisa Erickson Group and unlock the potential to take your real estate career to unprecedented heights.

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our locations

downtown st. pete
102 2nd ave ne.

  • Premier Location: Situated at the heart of downtown, our shop boasts stunning aesthetics that mirror the city's vibrant spirit, setting the stage for success.

  • Elegant Conference Room: Conduct your business in style. Our expansive conference room is equipped for presentations, meetings, and collaborative sessions.

  • Round-the-Clock Access: Enjoy the flexibility of a 24/7 accessible workspace, allowing you to cater to your clients' schedules and your own productivity needs.

  • Complimentary Bar & Coffee: Delight clients with a well-appointed bar and gourmet coffee, creating a welcoming environment that fosters meaningful connections.

  • Exquisite Design: Our shop's contemporary design merges comfort with sophistication, reflecting the luxurious standards of the Engel & Völkers brand. 

st. pete beach
6805 gulf blvd

  • Coastal Sophistication: Positioned in the heart of St. Pete Beach, our shop captures the essence of seaside luxury, creating a captivating backdrop for your real estate journey.

  • Versatile Conference Suites: Elevate your business interactions in multiple spacious conference rooms, tailor-made for productive meetings, impactful presentations, and successful collaborations.

  • Unrestricted Access: Embrace the freedom of a workspace available 24/7, enabling you to accommodate your clients' schedules while maximizing your own workflow. 

  • Refreshing Bar & Coffee Corner: Delight your clients with a thoughtfully curated bar and premium coffee, establishing an inviting atmosphere for forging genuine connections.

  • Coastal Elegance: Our shop's design harmonizes coastal aesthetics with modern elegance, reflecting the unique blend of luxury and relaxation found at St. Pete Beach.

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increase your clients bottom line and yours!

YörDör specializes in transforming properties, increasing their value, and creating stunning spaces that captivate potential buyers. As a real estate agent with Engel & Völkers St. Pete & St. Pete Beach, this is an incredible opportunity to offer an all-encompassing solution to your clients who are looking to sell their homes for the best possible price.

Why YörDör Matters for Your Business:

  1. Maximize Property Value: YörDör has a proven track record of turning ordinary homes into extraordinary listings that command higher prices in the market.

  2. One-Stop Solution: With YörDör on your side, you can provide clients with a streamlined experience, from listing preparation to final staging, all under one roof.

  3. Higher Commissions: By presenting a value-added service like YörDör, you position yourself as a full-service agent who goes above and beyond. This translates to higher commissions and a reputation that sets you apart.


Ideal for Flipping and Investment Properties:


For those interested in entering the world of flipping and investment properties, YörDör offers an unbeatable advantage. Imagine having a dedicated team of experts who understand the intricacies of turning a property into a profitable investment. With their guidance, you can confidently identify the right properties, optimize renovations, and maximize returns.

We believe that YörDör not only enhances your offering as an agent but also opens doors to new and exciting opportunities in real estate investment.

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