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Advisor Spotlight: Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

Hispanic Heritage month is September 15-October 15. Below are a few of the Advisors we celebrated!

Liliana Lizarralde: Colombian

Liliana Lizarralde moved to the United States from Colombia 21 years ago.

"It is amazing to feel the connection with the Hispanic/Latino clients here. Since I joined E&V I have closed deals with 3 Hispanic clients and will be closing with 2 more soon. Some of them speak English and some don't, but that has never been a limiting factor because I am bilingual and able to represent them effectively. I feel proud of myself for helping them to achieve their dream of becoming homeowners. It makes me feel that I have found my mission in life."


Barbara Lopaciuk is a first-generation American. Her mother was born and raised in Santiago De Cuba.

"I am the first member of our family to become a real estate agent, and because the majority

of my expertise is in investment sales it’s given my family members confidence within me to advise them in purchasing investment properties so we can continue our generational legacy of being Cuban-Americans in the state of Florida."


Sergio Gurrero is Colombian-American. He moved to the US in 2001.

"I learned from a young age that the grass is not always greener on the other side. It’s up

to us to make it that way! As a real estate professional, I take pride in making sure that our industry is held to the highest standards by conducting business ethically, responsibly, and never compromising.”


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