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3 Must Do's in St. Pete Florida

So there are A LOT of amazing things to do in this city, but here are 3 to start!

Take in the Art

If you are a lover of the arts, St. Petersburg is somewhere you can call home sweet home. There are 500+ murals throughout the city covering all different styles and colors. They have turned the city into an exhibit of its own.

Head towards the Warehouse Arts District, EDGE District or even head down the Pinellas Trail and view beautiful murals along the way. This city also hosts popular walking and biking tours on Saturdays to view the art throughout the city.

Another option would be to visit the Fairgrounds St Pete which is an immersive mix of technology and art. There are over 50 different artists representing their unique styles through all different mediums. Tickets can be purchased online or at the gate and are $27 per person.

Relax at the Beach

We think it goes without saying, but if you’re visiting Tampa Bay, you must visit St. Pete Beach. This beach has been consistently ranked one of the best beaches in America.

Another option would be Clearwater Beach, however, St Pete Beach is less developed and not filled with tourists. It’s a bit quieter than Clearwater which makes it a great place to relax along the 4 mile long beach.

Visit the St. Pete Pier

An iconic spot downtown is the St. Pete Pier. This district is 26 acres of waterfront here in Tampa Bay. The Pier is filled with restaurants, shopping, family activities, playgrounds, beach and more. You could honestly spend a whole day down at the St. Pete Pier with all the activities that are available.

The Tampa Bay Discovery Center offers interactive exhibits which educate you about Tampa Bay’s ecosystem. There are splash pads for the kids for those hot summer days. Fishermen also have several places on the pier to cast a line.

The St. Pete Pier has something to offer for everyone!

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