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New Study Spot in Downtown St. Pete: Raining Berries

This week we got to visit Downtown St. Pete’s newest study spot, Raining Berries, located in St. Pete’s Grand Central District. The cafe serves an assortment of ethically sourced coffee, locally sourced kombucha beverages, baked goods made by local vendors, all-natural smoothies and acai bowls. The cafe also takes pride in its varied gluten-free and vegan options. Raining Berries St. Pete is proudly owned by the first Franchisee, Manny Santana.

When you walk into Raining Berries you are greeted by the scent of fresh fruit and freshly ground coffee beans, the sound of the latest hits, and a huge wall covered in beautiful pink flowers. The floor-to-ceiling windows let in tons of natural light, making this spot very insta-worthy. There are also electric outlets located near all the seating, so it’s an amazing spot to catch up on some work or study.

The decor in this cafe is gorgeous, but that isn’t the only thing they’ve got going for them! While we visited, I tried out the “It’s Raining Berries” acai bowl, and it was SO delicious. Packed with so many fresh fruity flavors and just the right amount of crunch-- I couldn’t help but crave seconds. Another thing I thought was nice was that while I waited for my bowl, I could watch it being made. Not one frozen item was used in my bowl. All 100% fresh fruit. Love it!

St. Pete is known for supporting its neighbors and “keeping St. Pete Local”. Although an up-and-coming franchise, Raining Berries has done an excellent job at acclimating to its spot in the St. Pete community and fitting in with the locals. There are a few walls in the cafe that have been devoted to local artists to display and sell their art. The cafe also sells baked goods from a local, women-owned bakery and kombucha and draft cold brew coffee from local, women-owned businesses in St. Pete as well.

If you haven’t already made it to this super cute new cafe, I totally recommend it. I will surely be back!


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