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New Vegan Restaurant in St. Pete Puts an Eclectic Spin on Japanese Dishes

In March 2022, Business Owner, Sushi Chef, AND Mother, Thalia Tatham, opened House of Vegano to the public in St. Pete. Tatham’s passion began while she was transitioning to a fully vegan diet.

“Sushi was missing from my diet. It was my favorite food and I really wanted something that tasted like sushi,” Tatham said during our interview. She shared how she experimented with cucumber rolls, sweet potato rolls, and the like, but none of those alternatives seemed to do traditional sushi justice. “I wanted to recreate something that I really missed.”

House of Vegano boasts an eclectic, unique take on traditional Japanese dishes. Most popular is their “veganized” sushi. They take pride in making the flavors in their plant-based sushi capture traditional sushi. “I felt like since I was missing sushi, others would be missing it and I wanted them to have that same memory, same feeling and same bite as they had before,” Tatham said.

Another unique characteristic of House of Vegano’s menu is their menu is 100% soy-free and gluten-free. Allowing those who have allergies or any kind of celiac disorders to still enjoy these tasty dishes again!

During our visit, we had the opportunity to try one of their delicious sushi rolls. We were served the Volcano roll, one of their most popular rolls, which consists of avocado, cucumber, topped with Spicy Seafood Dynamite (which had the most delicious Lion’s Mane mushrooms in it), vegan caviar, gluten-free panko crumbs, spicy mayo, sriracha, eel sauce, and green onions. As a traditional sushi lover I was a bit skeptical about vegan sushi… but wow was this roll AMAZING! I couldn’t even tell it wasn’t real sushi. The textures were even that of traditional sushi. The Volcano Roll also had a yummy kick at the end. Another highly recommended specialty roll is the Caterpillar Roll.

Located inside of The Body Electric Athletic Company, House of Vegano offers a very intimate, cozy date night setting. Bar seating is offered where you can watch your food being prepared, as well as high-top seating. There have also been talks of expanding the current seating space as well due to the quick success they have experienced!

You can try out this amazing new spot at 655 31st Street South St. Pete, Florida 33712. You can also find them online at or follow them on Instagram @houseofvegano.


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